The Roux n Y Gastric Bypass Surgery has been considered the gold standard of Bariatric procedures for a few decades.  This is because it offers a very good ratio between risks and benefits. Over the last few years though some doctors claim that the Vertical Sleeve gastrectomy or Gastric Sleeve is the rightful owner of this title.

Bariatric Surgery has evolved greatly since the 1950s when it was first being performed. Techniques have improved as well as technology. Complication rates and mortality rates have greatly diminished. As bariatric surgery gains more popularity and more surgeries are being performed yearly, more data is available to improve both pre-op preparations for surgery and post-op recovery and complication resolution.

Since the gastric bypass was the surgery, most being performed in the initial phases of bariatric surgery people tend to associate complications and bad outcomes with this particular procedure.  As mentioned above medicine has evolved in the last 60 years in this field so safety involving this, and all surgeries has increased greatly.

Patient safety is greatly influenced by proper patient selection, this means seeing if patients meet the criteria for a particular procedure. Not all patients are good candidates for all procedures. As more options have become available patients can be offered procedures that better suit their needs, and this has better results both during surgery and long-term weight loss results and comorbidity resolution.

So back to our original question. Is the Gastric Bypass still considered the gold standard of Bariatric Surgery? The answer is YES. This does not mean that there are no other very good procedures, but the ratio of results vs risks is still higher in this procedure.

The gastric Sleeve is a very good tool for weight loss but the results in the long-term have not been as good as the bypass. This is often time due to the fact that some surgeons’ techniques are not adequate for a stand-alone sleeve and sleeves are being done too big to help patients have good long-term weight loss results. The sleeve is an easier surgery technically so many surgeons perform the procedure safely but with poor results for patients, unfortunately.

Another factor for inadequate results with the sleeve is the fact the restriction is just not enough for some patients. Some patients need the added help of the malabsorptive component.

Duodenal Switch surgery is the bariatric surgery with the best long-term results in regards to weight loss and comorbidity resolution, so why is this not considered the gold standard?  The DS is a more complex surgery, and a skilled and experienced surgeon is needed to perform it safely. Surgery is longer, the area where the intestinal bypassing occurs is a more delicate area so risks are higher.  For this particular surgery, it is of utmost importance that the surgeon is skilled in this particular surgery.  so even though the surgery has better results the risks are higher, so the ratio of risk vs success is lower.

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