A Sleeve Gastrectomy is a restrictive surgery, which means it limits the amount of food intake. This is accomplished by removing about 85% of the stomach, making it “sleeve” shaped, hence the name. Other surgeries can be classified as malabsorptive, meaning they reduce the amount of nutrients you absorb, like the Gastric Bypass, or the Duodenal Switch, but they actually have the restrictive element as well. Choosing the right surgery for you all depends on your needs, weight loss history, and goals.

There are some cases where the sleeve isn’t working properly, the main reason for this is it being poorly constructed. Whether low quality materials were used, the surgery was rushed to save OR time, or it was simply a lack of skill, it might require some fixing or a new surgery completely.

A Revision Surgery refers to a second surgery to fix or compensate for the original one, if you would like to learn about the Situations When a Resleeve or Sleeve Reconstruction Surgery is NOT Recommended click the link! In this blog we would like to address when a Sleeve Reconstruction IS recommended by using a recent case study.

Recently a patient came to us not knowing what to do; He had gotten a Sleeve Gastrectomy 2 years ago, which at first gave him decent results, losing around 33 lbs, but things quickly started to take a turn. The patient (we’ll call him Steve), regained 55 pounds; after some questions about his post-op instructions, we discovered that he had in fact, gotten none. The day after his surgery, without having been given a reason not to, Steve decided to get tacos for lunch, which only goes to show the importance of proper patient care, and the dangers of unprepared doctors.

The picture on the right has Steve’s original X-rays, and the same X-ray with the overly large fundus outlined outlined.

The picture on the left shows one of our VSG, where you can see the outlined fundus in the appropriate size

What we would recommend in this situation, and what we did with Steve, is a complete Sleeve reconstruction or Resleeve, from fundus (highest part of the stomach) to antrum (lowest part of the stomach).

Revision surgeries are particularly more difficult than other bariatric surgeries, because of the adhesions and scar tissue that is formed, and the higher risk of a leak or infection. At Mexicali Bariatric Center, we specialize in revision surgeries, and are actually around 30% of the procedures we do.

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