Bariatric surgery is a much more effective treatment for type 2 diabetes than the conventional therapies currently used. This is confirmed by a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Research showed that the surgical procedure achieved “drastically higher” results than conventional regimens for medication, diet and exercise that patients with type 2 diabetes should follow.

Type 2 diabetes, which is linked to obesity, has already become an epidemic around the world.
In the United States alone, about 23 million adults who are obese or overweight live with type 2 diabetes.

Research has shown that among patients undergoing bariatric surgery, which involves stapling the stomach or diverting the small intestine to reduce food intake and alter appetite, some may have achieved a complete remission of the disease. Others did not need, or needed less, conventional medications than those who followed a conventional regimen of drugs, diet, and exercise. Patients undergoing the surgical procedure, who were obese or overweight and had severe diabetes, also showed reductions in blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 8.3% of the world’s population lives with type 2 diabetes and it is estimated that the figure will increase to almost 10% by 2030.

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