Dr. Rodolfo Wilhelmy

Gastric Sleeve Surgery for only $6,999!

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Certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Rodolfo Wilhelmy is one of the leading bariatric surgeons in the nation. With over 2000 weight loss procedures including 1000 gastric sleeve surgeries, his results have made him a top choice for weight loss surgery.

Patients travel from all over the United States and Canada to have weight loss surgery with Dr. Rodolfo Wilhelmy at Mexicali Bariatric Center in Mexicali, Mexico.

One of the reasons cost conscious patients choose to travel out of country to have weight loss surgery with Dr. Wilhelmy is because of his impeccable reputation and the amazing results that his patients have. Dr Wilhelmy’s technique and experience have constantly a large impact in the way his patients lose weight and keep it off long term.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery for only $6,999 USD for a limited time only!

Due to seasonal demand, Gastric Sleeve Surgery is only $6,999, but only for surgeries taking place in January.

Bariatric surgery in Mexicali is both safe and effective. MBC is located at Almater Hospital, an institution with facilities on par with American and Canadian health centers.

Some of the reasons patients choose are:

  • Surgery at a Hospital ( ICU, Blood Bank, Higher Hygiene Standards, State of Art Equipment)
  • Warm Professional Care and Staff
  • Top Quality Medication (Anesthesia, Blood Thinners, Pain Medication)
  • Recovery at the Hospital
  • Follow up and Support / Nutritionist and Psychologist
  • Johnson & Johnson Titanium Staples

And here is one of the strongest reasons: an effective technique, which translates into lower complications and better weight loss results.

Poorly shaped sleeves or inefficient sleeves will give you poor results, making you spend more money in the long run to correct it. Not to mention the frustration of not losing weight and the stress and risk of undergoing major surgery once again. At MBC with Dr. Wilhelmy get it done right the first time.

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