The duodenal switch is a malabsorptive bariatric surgical procedure which means you will lose weight way more easy. Making this decision is not easy and we understand it. You may be worried about the possible risks of this surgery. All surgical procedures involve a degree of risk, however, this must be balanced against the significant risks associated with non treated severe obesity. Also, in Mexicali Bariatric Center you are treated by the best bariatric surgeons in Mexico.

Some of the risks may be divided in three:

1. Intra-Operative

-Bleeding, sometimes needing a blood transfusion

2. Post-Operative

-Bleeding, sometimes needing a blood transfusion
-Blood clots

3. Long term

-Excessive weight loss

-kidney stones


But don’t be scared. Even though these risks are always a possibility, you are in the best hands and our board certified surgeons will do all the tests before deciding this is the best procedure for you. Dr. Antonio Esquerra is Dr. Ungson’s brightest protegé, learning the very same technique that has gained us worldwide reputation as one of the most distinguished DS proctor centers. Remember, we want to improve your life. The fight against obesity once and for all is our ultimate commitment.

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