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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for me to go to Mexicali?

Yes, it is safe for you to travel to Mexicali. While it is true that some cities were experiencing violence issues not too long ago it was not in the entire country. Mexicali was not one of the cities that the US government was advised not to travel to. In the 14 years + we have been doing weight loss surgery we have not had a single incident of violence. Normal precautions are to be taken like in any city in the US and the world.

Will I lose weight?

Yes! You will lose weight and keep it off. This is the beauty of surgery; it will help you keep it off long term. 90% of  Mexicali Bariatric Center’s patients are keeping weight off with the help of the sleeve for example. You just need to follow a few simple rules to help you maintain your weight loss permanently. You will have your “weight loss tool” forever. , If you are ready we can help you be part of the 90% success group.

Are standards the same as in the US?

Yes! While we cannot speak of all hospitals or medical centers in Mexico,  we can assure you that at Almater Hospital standards are up to par with US and Canadian hospitals. Daily lab tests are taken at the ORs for quality control, as well as government health department inspections. Our hospitals have been granted the “ SAFE BUSINESS”  certification from the government. Larger Hospitals and specially private hospitals, such as Almater Hospital, are under close supervision to ensure safety to patients. This is not the case in smaller clinics or medical centers unfortunately.

Will I have complications?

While we cannot guarantee that no one will have a complication, no doctor in any field can, really we can tell you that complication rate at Mexicali Bariatric Center is well under the worldwide averages. We are at about half the complication rate published in the US.

Can I trust the Doctors?

Yes! Dr. Dr Wilhelmy and Dr Esquerra are one of the best bariatric surgeons worldwide.  Peers have recognized their work and most importantly patients recommend them constantly. In fact, they redo many surgeries that were not done correctly elsewhere, even some done in the US!

Will I regain Weight?

In our 14+ years of experience here are the 5 things we know will help you keep your weight off permanently.

– Plan your meals and snacks.

– Eat every 4 hours, meal or snack, do not skip meals

– Avoid liquid calories

– Do not drink with your meals.

– Stay accountable; join a WLS support group, online if not one available in your city.