Weight Loss  Surgery Support Group / Private Facebook Support Group

Mexicali Bariatric Center patients arrive to the hospital with a decision of making big changes in their lifestyle. We are well aware that the transformation that is occurring does not limit itself to the body; that change affects the patient mentally, morally and socially.


Because we understand the process our patients go through, Mexicali Bariatric Center offers a monthly support group to aid those in need of empathy or assistance; whether they want to share their difficult times, contribute with a milestone in their development or just want to clarify any doubts a patient might have the Mexicali Bariatric Support Group is here to help.

Our patient coordinators are side-by-side with the patients guiding and showing the way how to achieve better results by making connections with with fellow wls patients who are on the same journey. With the help of diverse clinical experts our staff arranges different topics that  include: stress management, specialized physical activity techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy among others..


Mexicali Bariatric Private Online Support Group

For all our patients that are not physically here we offer a private online support group where our patient care specialists are in constant communication with those in need. Showing pathways to wellness and enjoyment.