Dr. Rodolfo Wilhelmy, FACS

With over 21 years of bariatric surgery experience, Dr Wilhelmy heads the medical team at Mexicali Bariatric Center.


• Dr Wilhelmy is a board certified general surgeon, with specialization in Advanced Laparoscopy since 1991 and Bariatric Surgery since 1996.

• Dr Wilhelmy was pioneer in the city of Mexicali in Bariatric surgery and minimal invasive surgery. Training numerous surgeons including Dr. Aceves in advanced laparoscopy.

• Trained under the late Dr. Alberto Aceves in 2006 in Gastric Sleeve and Duodenal Switch surgery working alongside Dr. Aceves on many occasions perfecting the technique that has the best proven long term results.

• Dr Wilhelmy dedicates 90% of his practice to bariatric surgery and has performed over 3000 weight loss procedures including 1500 gastric sleeve surgeries, 300 Duodenal Switch surgeries and 400 revision surgeries in a single step after a failed first procedure.

• Numerous courses and specialties in both the US and Mexico by recognized international professors.

• More than 6,000 laparoscopic surgical procedures inlcuding, gallbladder, appendix, hiatal hernia, etc.


• Former president of the Mexican College of Surgeons.
• Professor of Advanced laparoscopic surgery.
• Member of Almater Hospital surgical staff since 1987.
• Professor at Mexicali’s Medical School for 12 years.


• Fellow American College of Surgeons since 1995.
• Mexican College of Surgeons.
• Director of Surgery at IMSS 2 years.
• Head of the Minimal Invasive Surgery Team at Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social for 8 years

. Head of  City Hall’s Medical Department in Mexicali, Mexico