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With our weight loss solutions, we aim to enhance your well-being, boost self-assurance, and deliver sustainable outcomes.

If you face significant weight challenges, more than 95% of traditional diet and exercise regimens prove ineffective. Embracing bariatric surgery is a crucial stride towards achieving improved health and a more rewarding existence.

Exemplary Care and Support

Our highly acclaimed surgeons and extensive support system are dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. We prioritize safety and proven outcomes, earning us widespread recognition.

An Open and Clear Process

We ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of your current progress and the steps ahead in your transformative journey. Our program is designed to provide unwavering support, granting you full access to the individuals and resources essential for achieving success in your transformational endeavors.

Tailored Treatment Options

Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering minimally invasive procedures that yield the most secure and enduring results. With our proficiency in different technologies and methodologies, you can rest assured that you will receive cutting-edge care personalized to your needs.

Recognized Excellence

Dedicated to realizing your fundamental aspirations, our devoted practitioners are determined to help you achieve them.

As a premier destination for bariatric surgery in Mexico, our reputation is built on delivering individualized, secure, and impactful patient care. With a team of renowned physicians who have successfully assisted thousands of individuals in their transformative journeys, we are committed to facilitating permanent and effective life changes.

Dr. David Beltran Bariatric Surgeon in Mexicali Mexico

Dr. David Beltran

Dr. David Beltran Bariatric Surgeon in Mexicali Mexico

Dr. Edgar Campos

Dr. David Beltran Bariatric Surgeon in Mexicali Mexico

Dr. Andrés Gutiérrez

Dr. Kenny Lomeli internal Medicine Doctor

Dr. Kenny Lomeli

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Beyond Weight Loss

Bariatric surgery addresses more than just obesity. It also proves highly effective in significantly reducing or even eliminating various severe health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, joint/back pain, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, arthritis, and acid reflux. On average, our patients undergo a transformative experience, characterized by:


Decrease in diabetes one year post-op

Operations since 2003


Reversal of sleep apnea one year post-op


Gastric sleeve: excess weight loss median 1 yr. post-op


Gastric bypass: excess weight loss median 1 yr. post-op


Duodenal switch: excess weight loss median 1 yr. post-op

* The data presented above reflect the results achieved within our practice. For comprehensive nationwide statistics, please refer to the American Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery.

Bariatrics Questions and Answers

Curious about weight loss surgery and how it operates? Discover answers to commonly asked questions about this procedure and explore whether it could be a beneficial option for you.

Why should I consider bariatric surgery when I can simply lose weight through improved eating habits?

While it’s true that some individuals can achieve weight loss through traditional methods, such as dieting, studies show that those who opt for surgical weight loss have a higher likelihood of experiencing remission or even a complete cure of their obesity-related conditions. The reason behind this emphasis on surgical intervention is firmly rooted in scientific evidence.

Here’s an important statistic: only 3-5% of people who successfully shed a significant amount of weight without surgery are able to maintain their weight loss long-term. In contrast, bariatric surgery has shown remarkable results, with up to 85% of patients being able to sustain their weight loss over time.

By choosing bariatric surgery, you are equipping yourself with a powerful tool to not only shed excess weight but also to address and potentially resolve obesity-related illnesses. It’s a scientifically proven approach that offers a higher chance of long-term success, allowing you to enjoy the numerous benefits of improved health and well-being.

Will I lose weight? I have failed long term at everything else. I have lost weight at times but regained all weight I have lost and then some.

Yes! You will lose weight and keep it off. This is the beauty of surgery; it will help you keep it off long term. 90% of  Mexicali Bariatric Center’s patients are keeping weight off with the help of the sleeve for example. You just need to follow a few simple rules to help you maintain your weight loss permanently. You will have your “weight loss tool” forever. , If you are ready we can help you be part of the 90% success group.

Are standards at the hospital the same as in the US? Infection rate?

Yes! While we cannot speak of all hospitals or medical centers in Mexico,  we can assure you that at Almater Hospital standards are up to par with US and Canadian hospitals. Daily lab tests are taken at the ORs for quality control, as well as government health department inspections. Our hospitals have been granted the “ SAFE BUSINESS”  certification from the government. Larger Hospitals and specially private hospitals, such as Almater Hospital, are under close supervision to ensure safety to patients. This is not the case in smaller clinics or medical centers unfortunately.

Can I really trust the doctor to do a good job?

Yes! Our doctors are amongst the best bariatric surgeons worldwide.  Peers have recognized their work and most importantly patients recommend them constantly. In fact, they redo many surgeries that were not done correctly elsewhere, even some done in the US!

Will I have complications?

While we cannot guarantee that no one will have a complication, no doctor in any field can, really we can tell you that  complication rate  at Mexicali Bariatric Center is well under the worldwide averages. We are  at about half the complication rate published in the US.

OK, but what happens if I get home and a few weeks out have a complication?

Whenever you are not sure of a symptom, we ask that you call us so we can point you in the right direction. Some symptoms may be normal but just new to you. We take many steps to prevent complications. Although a late serious complication is very rare, there is a small possibility. If you were one of these few you would need to go to the emergency room in your city, there really is not time to come back. Following post op instructions, all of them, like taking medication, doing breathing exercises, getting all your liquids in daily and following your post op healing diet strictly will help you continue to heal normally and avoid complications. The doctor will do his part at the time of surgery but following post op instructions is key for proper healing. But do not worry, this is not so difficult to do, patients know it is important and do their part.

How do I know if this is real? I have never been out of the country for a medical procedure.

Traveling for medical services out of the country has become very common. You can be sure of the seriousness of our practice by checking out both the hospital’s accreditations as well as the doctors credentials both in the US and Mexico. These are easily verifiable online. We also have hundreds of patients recommending us online, including doctors that have either had the procedure themselves or brought a family member to see the surgeons at Mexicali Bariatric Center  for surgery.

Do I need to keep coming back for follow up?

No, there is nothing to do in regards to your sleeve or bypass or DS. Outer sutures will dissolve on their own. . The doctor will ask that you have blood work done routinely during that first year after surgery to make sure you are getting proper nutrition from the small quantities of food you are eating and from your supplements. Supplements may or may not need to be adjusted. For Ds and bypass patients lab work needs to be done beyond the first year but this can be done locally with your own doctor.

Why do I need to pay more to go to Mexicali Bariatric Center when I can go to other doctors in Mexico for about half the price?

We understand that money is a concern for most people contacting us and this being so is precisely why you should get the best surgeon possible to help you. If you have a surgery properly done the first time this can really be the last thing you do for weight loss! Do not waste your money on less experienced surgeons, that may or may not do a good job; do not increase your surgery risks! Starting out with a complication can be a real nightmare, down time, missed work, etc. For quality medical care you need to spend a bit more! When you pay less you sacrifice quality of medical care. When you are sacrificing quality, what you really are doing is increasing your surgery risks and results. Why do this? You do not want to be where you are now a few years from now because your surgeon did not do a good job! It can not only be frustrating to lose money spent but disappointing and depressing to not have good results like so many are having. Invest wisely in your health it WILL BE WORTH IT for you and your family.

What can I do to help ensure I do not regain weight?

In our 20+ years of experience here are the 5 things we know will help you keep your weight off permanently.

  • Plan your meals and snacks.
  • Eat every 4 hours, meal or snack, do not skip meals
  • Avoid liquid calories
  • Do not drink with your meals.
  • Stay accountable; join a WLS support group, online if not one available in your city. .

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