It is estimated that in the United States alone 650,000 obesity-associated cancers occur yearly. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  200,000 of these are among men and 450,000 among women. The most common cancers related to obesity in women are post-menopausal breast cancer and colorectal cancer in men.

The link between obesity and cancer has been clearly established via numerous studies worldwide.

How does Obesity increase the risk of cancer? 

Excess fat causes a disruption in certain processes in the body.

Specifically, it affects how the body manages hormones, like insulin and estrogen.

Obesity causes insulin resistance which leads the body to procedure more insulin. This triggers the body to procedure more cells which can lead to tumors or cancerous cells being formed.

Excess body fat causes an excess in estrogen production which again triggers the body to produce more cells in certain areas of the body which may lead to cancerous cells being formed.

Being obese does not mean that you will get cancer, but it does increase your risk of getting cancer. when compared to individuals at a healthy weight.  Other factors affect your risk of getting cancer too, like genetics, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.

There are 13 cancers associated with obesity. These make up 40% of cancers diagnosed in the US every year.  Obesity-related cancers are 2nd to only tobacco use in the US in preventable cancers.  It is also known that of all obesity-related cancers more than 90% occur in persons over 50 years old.

13 Cancer associated with Obesity: 

  1. Esophageal cancer
  2. Breast in postmenopausal women
  3. Colon, Rectum Cancer
  4. Uterus Cancer
  5. Thyroid Cancer
  6. Pancreatic Cancer
  7. Ovarian Cancer
  8. Liver Cancer
  9. Gallbladder cancer
  10. Kidney Cancer
  11. Myeloma Cancer
  12. Meningioma Cancer
  13. Stomach cancer

According to a few studies, bariatric surgery has been shown to reduce cancer risks in certain types of cancers especially in women.  More studies are needed at this time but what is clear is that bariatric surgery helps patients reduce body fat and control hormone levels successfully.

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