Bariatric surgery is today the best solution for sustained weight loss and every day there are more and more studies that continue to explore how the procedures modify internal processes with the purpose to enhance the bariatric patient’s health and make weight loss a lasting result, and now researchers have found something that wasn’t expected:

After Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery has you burning more calories after eating.

Until now, experts considered that the main reason for the weight-loss results after surgery were so lasting was the combination of the reduced size in parts of the digestive system and the lower calorie intake.

Mainly because, just like any other person trying to lose weight, after surgery, there are only two main rules to lose weight, energy expenditure (burning calories) and calorie restriction (limiting food intake).

However, after a recent study, it is now fact: Surgery enhances energy expenditure.

The research started with the hypothesis that a low-calorie food intake without surgery was not effective in the long term, therefore, there had to be some other explanation as a result of undergoing surgery.

What experts found when studying patients that had lost weight with surgery and kept it off after two years, was that they were spending more energy after eating.

They have now proven that apart from feeling fuller faster, which in turn makes them eat less, parts of the small intestine are more active after eating because it needs more energy to break down nutrients.

Malin Werling, coauthor of the study from the Sahlgrenska Academy (Sweden) said:

“As a result, the blood absorbs fewer nutrients to store as fat. You might say that people burn calories by eating.”

In short, your body will help you burn more calories naturally after surgery. Nonetheless, experts also acknowledge and emphasize that although this new information is a plus, patients who do not follow through with the nutritional and psychological follow up treatments, do not achieve the best results. The procedures and follow up treatments transform the lives of many and this is a fact.

So, one more fact to trust the effectiveness of bariatric surgery and to keep up with your follow up plans with determination and constancy.

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