Because bariatric surgery is a life-changing experience, all areas of your life are likely to undergo some change after surgery, and the differences you should expect regarding intimacy are nothing but favorable.

Results from studies for both for men and women show that after surgery important hormonal changes take place with an overall positive impact on their sex life over time.

Women feel more attractive and aroused

A study based on 153 women after six months of their surgery was designed to measure the emotional and physical aspects of their sex lives before and after surgery.

The results were quite positive in matters of desire, and arousal.

Experts also discovered that women after surgery feel less frustrated with their sex life, show more self-confidence, and feel more assertive when communicating with their partners their likes and dislikes.

A high percentage of the women also report feeling more attractive, less anxious during intimacy, and more comfortable with their bodies.

These improvements lead to more interest in sex and to an overall improvement in their lifestyles.

Men have more stamina and feel more satisfied

The study that was conducted 12 months after surgery on men showed that testosterone levels increase significantly with weight loss, which means more sex drive and desire.

Moreover, the study also indicates improvement in erectile dysfunction and that a relationship between weight loss and semen parameters suggest improvement in fertility.

The results also confirmed that men experience a better sex life, as they consistently reported to be more satisfied with their sex lives than before surgery.

Better intimacy takes time

It’s important to note that immediately after surgery, many hormonal adjustments take place, meaning that, during this period, feelings and libido may bring some ups and downs at times, especially in women.

One more reason why getting bariatric psychological help is really very important!

Taking therapy seriously will allow you to cope with these and other physical and emotional changes, so that hormones don’t have your feelings taking you whither will they go.

Nevertheless keep in mind that, as mentioned above, all these hormonal levels become stable over time, and this is a proven fact.

Timing is up to you

As to when patients can resume sexual activity, there isn’t really a medical limitation; the right time depends on how soon you feel well enough to do so.