Bariatric surgery is an important life-changing the decision. We know there are many factors to consider that may be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’d like to share five important and great reasons that may help you make up your mind and go for it!

1.More energy! It will become easier to become more active and get all the benefits of exercising, such as building up your stamina and have more energy than ever before.

2. Reducing the risk of illnesses: If you have type 2 diabetes you may very well stop treatment and never have to take insulin shots or medicine again because bariatric surgery is today the best treatment for this condition. Check out our article about surgery as an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes.

3. You will burn more calories! A study found that patients who undergo weight-loss surgery burn more calories after eating meals.

4. A better social life. By following the nutritional and psychological follow-up programs like the one we offer you here at Mexicali Bariatric Center, what you think of yourself and how you experience life will change dramatically in a very positive way, boosting your confidence and assertiveness.

5. A happier sex life. Studies have shown an increase in women’s sex drive after surgery because of a better hormone balance resulting from bariatric surgery. A survey found that up to 70% of women reported improvement in their sexual lives.

But, most importantly, you are giving yourself the opportunity to start over and live a long healthy life.

Bariatric surgery is the most effective way to lose weight and keep it that way. Here at Mexicali Bariatric Center every day there are more and more success stories and our experts continue to work to help them achieve long lasting weight loss results.