After your weight loss surgery you will be living an experience that will require efforts in various areas of your life. While surgery will naturally have you eating less and losing weight almost in an automatic way, your mindset must also transform to maximize optimal results. This is why we highly recommend going through this journey hand in hand with a specialized bariatric psychologist and nutritionist.

We emphasize seeking the professional support of a certified bariatric psychologist after surgery because while other professionals may assist with valuable care, studies show that patients achieve more significant weight-loss, longer-term weight-loss maintenance, improve in physical activities and are less prone to weight regain with a specialized professional.

During a session, he or she will get you talking about your feelings and concerns. Anxiety can be common after surgery at some point and a bariatric therapist has the skills and training to help you cope with relaxation such as deep breathing exercises. He or she will help you modify your relationship with food with proven therapeutic tools that will focus on changing the way you think and feel about eating, such as dissipating myths and moving you away from a love and hate approach towards a healthier way of eating with expert strategies.

Many bariatric patients have an addiction to food, with his or her guidance you will train your mind to make the best choices and also keep you from transferring the addiction. A bariatric psychologist has also the expertise to indicate psychiatric attention for depression and other mental related issues such as body image disorders, substance abuse or anxiety. Your therapist may recommend group therapy. This form of therapy can activate your social life. Knowing there are others that are going through the same experience can help you strengthen your persistence to accomplish new habits together. With a bariatric psychologist, you will have help to plan and set specific goals that are attainable in a reasonable timeframe and keep you accountable for them.

As mentioned above, it’s very important that you regularly visit a specialized bariatric nutritionist. We recommend you to do so for two years. While you may hear it takes only 6 weeks to adopt new habits, handling the numerous aspects to achieve a sustainable new lifestyle after surgery is very delicate. Our most successful patients are those who are constant during this time period.  A specialized nutritionist will focus on your personal needs by continuously assessing your condition. Your nutrition expert will explain how and what you can eat during the four different phases and will let you know when it’s time to transition to next. His or her guidance will show you what choices are best, how to measure the right portions and tailor your menus to adjust to your preferences, all the while focusing on achieving weight-loss maintenance, the bariatric way. You will learn about balanced nutrients, cooking methods and even how to order at your favorite restaurants.

Facing what comes after surgery with specialized care is your best bet to avoid making mistakes that set you back or making this chapter of your life feel more like a struggle than it should. Keeping to the plans experts recommend and never failing to visit both your psychologist and nutritionist will keep your focus, making it easier to commit to achieving your goals. You will be surprised how fast time passes with a positive attitude and also be more open to see how your everyday efforts will be rewarded with many other positive changes in your life.

Mexicali Bariatric Center ensures your transition to the wonderful new lifestyle runs as smooth as possible by having an interdisciplinary group at your disposal.