Bariatric Surgery has become very important for the life of many people, and in the past decade it has evolved so much, it is considered the best treatment for weight loss. Its efficiency not only means long-term results but also as a safe method to achieve them.

Research continues to expand to different fields of knowledge that are also meaningful in the treatment of the bariatric patient.

Recent studies In the UK have cast light on psychological aspects that change in the bariatric patient after surgery and how addressing them is important for prevention and as part of their treatment. Parting from the fact and evidence from other research that demonstrates that bariatric candidates take longer to feel full because of a slower reaction to taste (which makes eating more a more likely consequence) and the fact that after surgery, changes in this taste response, that include sweet and fatty meals to be less pleasing, psychology experts have come to a hypothesis.
They believe this fact may be developed to assist in weight-loss maintenance after surgery as therapy treatment in behavior patterns that will reduce the risk of weight regain.

Other studies that also focus on the psychological factors reveal that a psychological screening before surgery may be important for a positive lasting outcome. Although there are reasons to believe that undergoing bariatric treatment may also improve mental health issues, some candidates that show psychological distress such as anxiety, personality disorders, addictions or low self-esteem may require psychological treatment before and after surgery to ensure positive results.

There is also proof of significant psychosocial improvement after bariatric surgery. Relationships and employment opportunities arise and, therefore, the patients quality of life also improves.

Studies are also focusing in how self-perception is modified after surgery, and how patients negative feelings towards their bodies radically improve and become a key motivator to follow surgeons recommendations for lasting results such as eating habits and exercise. The positive feeling towards their bodies may also be an important factor for changes in behavior that influence positively every other sphere of the patient’s life.
Nevertheless, studies insist that body satisfaction is important to address after surgery with professional mental health specialists to ensure a better overall health.

In conclusion, the mind – food relationship of the bariatric patient is a delicate issue. As a candidate for bariatric surgery at Mexicali Bariatric Center, we will attend every aspect of your journey towards recovering health. Our team of experts includes a bariatric psychologist, please feel free to ask how he can help you.

We want you to feel supported and be your reminder that there IS a better quality of life always available to you. Don’t forget to read other great articles that may help you through the process.