… you need its Second Stage. 

At MBC we have had several cases of patients that were sleeved a while ago but are not satisfied with their weight loss. Some of them are eating more than they should, some are simply not getting the results that they were explicating for different reasons particular to each person.

It may be due to:

  • Having a longer stomach that holds more food.
  • Your intestines are longer than average.

The sleeve may make your stomach narrower, but the length is not altered. And some patients just happen to have longer intestines as well. That means they can absorb more calories, more protein, more carbs, etc. These patients need the help of the malabsorption to help them lose weight and keep it off long term.

DS Second Stage

If you were sleeved and you feel that either you are still eating too much or, in some cases, eat small portions without significant weigh loss, then turning your sleeve into a DS might be the right call for you.

Click here for more information on the Duodenal Switch.

$8499 DS Second Stage for a limited time only

The price of the Gastric Sleeve to DS revision surgery is of $8499 only for a limited time. This offer will be effective for surgeries scheduled up to November 30th. Surgery may take place until December 31st 2015.

Mexicali Bariatric Center is one of the leading DS centers in Latin America. Board certified surgeon Dr. Antonio Esquerra and his experienced team work only under the highest standards of care and safety.