Mexicali Bariatric Center was founded by the late Dr. Alberto Aceves, now remembered as one of the pioneers of modern bariatrics. He went to one of the most prestigious medical schools in Mexico, Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. Dr. Aceves really understood the devastating effects that obesity has on people, that’s why he founded Mexicali Bariatric Center 12 years ago, turning this institution into one of the leading weight loss centers in the world. Dr. Aceves was an active surgeon throughout 25 years, performing thousands of successful laparoscopic weight loss surgeries. 

Dr. Aceves was one of the top weight loss surgeons in the world, his ethics, professionalism, love for his profession and gifted technique are part of his legacy to MBC. Dr. Aceves believed that the best way to ensure a rapid and successful long-term weight loss solution is by doing a proper and effective job. Not only did his patients received world class medical care, but they ended up saving money by not undergoing a second weight loss procedure. Despite his overwhelming success as a physician, we remember Dr. Aceves the most due to his humanity. He was well known to be a doctor that understood the needs and concerns of his patients, always having a loving and caring approach and helping them go through the difficult process of tackling obesity once and for all. 

At Mexicali Bariatric Center we are honored to carry the recognition of being one of the most successful bariatric centers worldwide, which adds to the commitment to ensure optimal patient care before and after surgery in order to ensure long-term success in weight loss and on eliminating obesity-related comorbidities. Today we remember our dear founder, Dr. Alberto Aceves, and we’re grateful of having worked with him.