The duodenal switch (also known as biliopancreatic division with duodenal interruption) is a process for obesity surgery that alters the gastrointestinal tract with two objectives: reduction of the stomach and physical limitation of nutrient absorption in the small intestine. With this operation, the volume of the stomach reduces its volume of three to five times its original capacity. In the small intestine, two separate routes and created common. The shortest routes, called digestive loop, takes food from the stomach to the large intestine. The longest route, called biliary-pancreatic loop carries bile from the liver to the common route. This common, or common channel route is an extension of the small intestine that is usually 75 to 150 centimeters long and in it the contents of the digestive tract with bile from the biliary-pancreatic loop before emptying mixed in large intestine. The objective of this redirection is to reduce the amount of time that the body has to capture calories of food in the small intestine and selectively limiting fat absorption.

The main advantage of the duodenal switch is that the combination of stomach reduction and limited absorption of calories results in a very high percentage of weight loss in obese people with a very low risk of weight regain. By eliminating the greater curvature of stomach hunger hormone (ghrelin) it is also removed.
Because the pyloric valve between the stomach and small intestine is maintained syndrome rapid gastric emptying is common in persons who undergo gastric bypass is not experienced.
The possibility of developing narrowing anastamótico is greatly reduced.
The diet that continues to this surgical procedure is more normal and better tolerated than in other surgeries.
After surgery, comorbidities (complications) of obesity, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes and arthritis, relieved significantly in a short space of time. Diabetes refers to 98% of patients, which is why some surgeons to practice this procedure even non-obese patients. These benefits occur well before the large visible weight loss.
The percentage of body weight loss in excess are:

  • In 3 months: 29% -37%
  • In 6 months: 51% -55%
  • In 24 months: 80% -91%

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