Choosing the right duodenal switch surgeon 

Choosing the right surgeon may be the most important decision of our lives. It’s not an easy decision and it shouldn’t be. Unlike services like accounting or entertainment, our health is not negotiable, besides the relationship with your surgeon might last a lifetime.

Choosing your duodenal switch surgeon in Mexico is a personal choice, but here we share some tips that you should always consider:

1. Experience is key. The more experience a surgeon has, the less chance there is of complications or even death. Even if a surgeon’s age may be an indication of his experience, his workload matters even more.

The frequency with which a surgeon operates is vital, especially in relatively new procedures such as the duodenal switch. Even in the United States, not many surgeons are qualified for duodenal switch surgery.

2. Surgeons are constantly being evaluated. That is why your duodenal switch surgeon should have at hand credentials both for his medical training and his area of expertise. Dr. Gilberto Ungson from Mexicali Bariatric Center is Mexico’s leading authority in this kind of procedure. He was close friend and associate of Dr. Alberto Aceves and trained him on the duodenal switch technique.

4. A good doctor needs good facilities to work. The hospital must be operating with high quality, clean and adequate facilities to ensure your health. Almater Hospital in Mexicali is one of the top medical facilities in the region with standards on par with American and Canadian health care institutions.

5. The best reference is the patients. Look for information on short and long term recovery. All doctors have available references from their patients, do not be afraid to ask for them.

In Mexicali Bariatric Center we have over 12 years of experience, most of them under our mentor the late Dr. Alberto Aceves. Thousands of patients were successfully treated and many of them left testimonials about their experience in MBC. Today, a new generation of American and Canadian overweight patients are being treated by our highly skilled group of bariatric surgeons led by Dr. Gilberto Ungson and Dr. Rodolfo Wilhelmy.

6. Be careful of the cost. The costs of health care in the United States have risen to a point of becoming unaffordable for most Americans without the proper insurance plan.

Mexico has become an affordable option for many patients seeking high quality care. But is of vital importance to pay attention to the price: when costs are way too low it is very likely that the services may not be that good, quality and safety most likely are being sacrificed.

Comparatively with costs in the US, Mexicali Bariatric Center offers highly competitive services keeping the highest standards possible. Lower priced health institutions in Mexico might offer bariatric procedures such as the duodenal switch, but only a very few have the experience required t o make sure patients have long term success in achieving their weight loss and health goals.

Furthermore, the duodenal switch is a procedure that only a few doctors are able to perform. Fortunately, MBC’s Dr. Gilberto Ungson is the leading authority for DS in the country.
For more information on the duodenal switch and weight loss surgery in Mexico, please visit us at www.mexicalibariatric.com or call us toll free at 1-888-344-3916.