Bariatric Surgery: are there any risks? 


Bariatric surgery is not without risks. Preoperative studies allow us to assess and take appropriate action to reduce risks to the minimum.


Preoperative assessment of the patient, plus the training of the team of professionals involved in the procedure and the use of appropriate elements such as having the proper facilities to operate in , transform the risk of weight loss surgery in much less than the problems related to obesity itself.


On one side are the risks of any surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia, which is mainly based on who will be undertaking surgery: an obese, sick patient. This patient is considered at risk for any surgical procedure if the necessary precautions are not taken. However, being a scheduled bariatric surgery procedure, the patient reaches the operating room very prepared having followed a pretreatment and in the hands of epxerts specializing in obese patients, thus minimizing risks.


There is a second category of risks that have to do with weight loss surgery itself, but these are the lowest in the area of “major digestive system surgery.” As this is a surgery that is done quite often nowadays, experts have gained much experience and that reduces complications. The potential risks are bleeding, leaks in your gastrointestinal system, lung or breathing problems, plus other long-term risks and complications of weight loss surgery such as bowel obstruction, dumping syndrome, ulcers, stomach perforation and vomiting.

It is important to note that the risks of weight loss surgery are fewer than those of obesity itself. As we know from well-designed population studies, the risks of mortality from obesity and related diseases are way larger than those from surgery. However, bariatric surgery risks can be dramatically reduced by making the right choices. 

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