We’re happy to introduce Sarah Spano (aka LessOfSarah) as a speaker for the 2014 ObesityHelp Conference!


Workshop Session: With A Little Help From Your Friends: The Importance Of Support To Your Weight Loss Journey

If this is your first conference or your 10th, you won’t want to miss Sarah’s workshop! You’ll feel like you’ve just walked into a friend’s house…a friend that gets it, that understands. Sarah is going to be the vibrant friend that discusses the importance of making real connections and exploring community support on your weight loss journey and how it can contribute to your success.

The workshop will include discussion about…

In-person Support Groups
Online Support (ObesityHelp.com forums, YouTube etc.)
Social Media (Facebeook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
Personal Support Network, Accountability Groups etc.
Attending Conferences, Meet n’ Greets
How to connect online
How to connect in person/locally

About Sarah

Sarah Spano (AKA LessOfSarah) is a loser – over 240 lbs and shrinking! Sarah is an active part of the weight loss surgery community on YouTube and Facebook, sharing her 18-month weight loss journey through 275+ candid videos.

Her key to WLS success? Support! Making connections in the community is something that Sarah is passionate about, and it’s been her favorite part of the WLS experience. In fact, you may have spotted Sarah at last year’s OH conference as part of the epic #TeamVSG Spice Girls group (she was Posh Spice).

Sarah is a mom to two beautiful boys and one handsome husband, a proud Canadian, an intense football fan, an avid traveler and has a wicked Starbucks addiction. And if it’s Sunday night, she’s probably singing karaoke.

Learn more about our 2014 ObesityHelp Conference Speaker line-up and purchase tickets on the event website.