Staying active is important to achieving your weight loss goals and to maintaining your ideal body weight over the long run. Although undergoing bariatric surgery in Mexicali (for more information click here) is a great first step toward losing excess weight, you must also be dedicated to making healthy lifestyle choices every day. This includes being physically active every day. Staying active may seem like a daunting task, but the key is to make fitness fun.

Sure, it is helpful to lift weights at the gym or get in an hour of cardio exercise. However, there will always be certain days when going to the gym sounds as appealing as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with a 30-pound bag of weights strapped to your back. That is why Mexicali Bariatric Center is sharing the following five easy ways to stay active, even when you don’t feel like taking a single step.

1. Enjoy nature. Taking a walk along the beach or in your favorite grassy meadow is a good way to stay active. Simply tell yourself that you are going outside to enjoy the natural scenery for half an hour. It is easier to get moving when your goal is to observe wildlife or the beauty of the ocean rather than to jog for an hour on a boring treadmill. By adjusting your focus outward to appreciate the beauty of nature, you may find that your half-hour walk has turned into a two-hour-long excursion.

2. Take the dog for a walk. Just like their human owners, dogs can get lazy without outside motivation. Dogs that are left in the home all day while their owners are at work can get used to lounging around the house. Do both yourself and your dog a favor by taking your pet for a walk before and after work. You will ensure that your dog is happy and that you are staying active.

3. Play with your kids (or grandkids or neighbor’s kids). Feeling like a kid again is an easy way to stay active. And playing with your children, your grandchildren or your neighbor’s children is a great way to feel young again. Participating in a game of tag or kickball will keep the kids happy and will keep you feeling young in body and mind.

4. Walk to your next meal. Everyone needs to eat. That’s a fact of life. But why not walk or ride your bike to your next meal? Walking to and from a restaurant for one of your daily meals is an easy way to include some physical activity in your day-to-day routine.

5. Try a dance class or another fun fitness class. We understand why participating in a boot-camp-style class may be unappealing. Not everyone wants to be yelled at while being instructed to complete 100 push-ups in the sand.

However, many gyms and smaller fitness, dance and martial arts studios now offer fun classes. Try a Zumba, jazz or hip hop dance class. Or perhaps, you have always wanted to try your hand at karate or taekwondo. There are even trapeze classes and trampoline studios. Think outside the box and find a fitness class that transforms exercise into a fun, playful activity.

The key to finding an easy way to stay active is to find a fun way to stay active!