In order to maintain your ideal body weight after you have lost the excess weight with the help of bariatric surgery in Mexicali, you must learn to change unhealthy lifestyle habits. For instance, perhaps in the past, you had gotten into the habit of rewarding yourself for accomplishing a specific task or goal with your favorite foods. However, a much healthier option would be to reward yourself with a relaxing stroll along the beach or around the park.

You deserve to treat yourself for a job well done. And, losing excess weight with the help of weight loss surgery is definitely a feat that deserves a reward. Just be sure to reward yourself in a healthy way.

To help you, here is a list of five ways to reward yourself after bariatric surgery (that don’t involve food).

1. Treat yourself to new clothes. For many individuals who have lost excess weight with bariatric surgery, purchasing new clothes for their wardrobe is a fun reward. Often, they find that they are able to fit into certain styles of clothes that they never would have worn before.

If buying a whole new wardrobe is not in your budget, purchase a single special item that you have had your eye on for a while. Or, stop by your local vintage consignment shop to discover fabulous finds that have a rich history.

2. Take a vacation. Taking the vacation of your dreams is a great way to reward yourself. You can plan a vacation that is particularly suited to your likes and dislikes. Do you love the beach? Plan a tropical vacation. Do you hate the sand? Plan a visit to a cosmopolitan city center. You can travel anywhere you can imagine. And, now that you have lost the excess weight with weight loss surgery, you can travel comfortably and with confidence.

3. Try something new. Losing weight with bariatric surgery will open doors for you to try things you were not able to do before. Ride a roller coaster! Go skydiving!

If you would rather keep your feet on the ground, try a new physical activity. Perhaps chasing after your children or grandchildren is something you were not able to do before you had bariatric surgery. Simply stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new is a rewarding experience in itself.

4. Enjoy the company of your favorite people. It is easy to get distracted by daily responsibilities and overlook the importance of spending time with your family and friends. However, spending quality time with your loved ones is an easy, gratifying reward.

5. Plan a spa day. Why not treat yourself to a relaxing spa day? You can request a manicure and pedicure, a Swedish massage, a European facial or whichever spa indulgence you most desire. Pamper yourself! You deserve it!

Treating yourself to something other than food may be difficult at first. It takes some imagination to come up with new ways to reward yourself that don’t involve eating. However, once you brainstorm healthy treat ideas, you will see how fun and fulfilling it can be to reward yourself for a job well done. If you have any questions please visit our website www.mexicalibariatriccenter.com or contact our office at 888-344-3916.