Undergoing weight loss surgery in Mexico is becoming an increasingly popular option for many bariatric patients. Often, the cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico is substantially less than in the United States. And, traveling to and from Mexico has never been easier, with international flights departing from many American cities several times a day.

Still, undergoing any type of surgery anywhere is a significant undertaking, so it is critical that you choose a highly trained, well-qualified and experienced surgeon to perform your procedure. So, how do you choose a weight loss surgeon in Mexico to perform your bariatric procedure? Follow these tips!

Education and Training

First, make sure the bariatric surgeon that you choose has earned his or her medical degree from a respected institution. Also, make sure your chosen weight loss surgeon has received general surgery training as well as specific training in bariatric surgery, including the laparoscopic surgical approach. In addition, a highly qualified bariatric surgeon has additional advanced training in specific weight loss surgery procedures, such as certification in the use of the Lap Band, a gastric banding device.

Dr. Alberto Aceves of Mexicali Bariatric Center is one such surgeon. He earned his medical degree from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (Autonomous University of Guadalajara) before completing a general surgery residency at Mexicali General Hospital. Dr. Aceves then qualified as a general surgeon prior to fulfilling advanced surgical training in laparoscopic surgery and various bariatric surgery procedures, including gastric banding with the Lap Band, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery and, as of a few years ago, duodenal switch.


Next, be sure to choose a weight loss surgeon who has plenty of experience. Dr. Aceves, for example, has performed more than 6,000 bariatric procedures with outstanding results during his 12-plus-year career as a weight loss surgeon. Thanks to his expansive bariatric surgical experience, Dr. Aceves has been chosen to serve as a proctor for Johnson and Johnson, teaching other surgeons how to perform gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. He is also frequently invited to lecture at seminars and conferences, including the Expert Consensus Meeting for Gastric Sleeve Surgery, in which 25 leading gastric sleeve bariatric surgeons are invited to speak about their surgeries and results.

Operating Facility

Finally, it is important to choose a bariatric surgeon who operates in a safe, state-of-the-art hospital or operating facility. This is the case with Dr. Aceves, who performs his bariatric surgeries at Almater Hospital in Mexicali, Mexico. Dr. Aceves is the head of the bariatric program at this hospital. As such, he ensures that the bariatric operating facility is safe, modern and well equipped with technologically advanced instruments.

To schedule a consultation to learn more about your bariatric surgery options with Dr. Aceves, please contact Mexicali Bariatric Center by calling (888) 344-3916.