Dr. Alberto Aceves
Certified bariatric surgeon and proctor for Johnson & Johnson  is one of the leading bariatric surgeons in the world with over 5000 bariatric procedures performed including  over 1800 gastric sleeve procedures . His results have made him the #1 choice for weight loss surgery.

Patients travel from all over the United States and Canada to have weight loss surgery with Dr. Alberto Aceves in Mexicali, Mexico at the Mexicali Bariatric Center.

One of the reasons patient choose to travel out of country to have weight loss surgery with Dr. “A” is because of his impeccable reputation and the amazing results that his patients have.  Dr Aceves technique and experience play a big roll in his  long term patients success, in fact his statistics show that patients lose an average of 95% of their excess body weight under a year.

Due to Dr. Alberto Aceves high quality standards his practice and reputation have grown over the years, Dr. “A” is part of an  elite  group of  the most reputable weight loss surgeons in the world. Why is that?
Here are some good reasons:

Surgery at a Hospital ( ICU, Blood Bank, Higher Hygiene Standards, State of Art Equipment)
Warm Professional Care and Staff
Top Quality Medication (Anesthesia, Blood Thinners, Pain Medication)
Recovery at the Hospital
Follow up and Support / Nutritionist and Psychologist
Johnson & Johnson Titanium Staples
Certified Bariatric Surgeon ( ASMBSFACS) and  Johnson & Johnson Proctor

And here is one of the strongest reasons: EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUE which translates into lower complications and better weight loss results.

Below find a comparison of 2 sleeves done by different surgeons.  What you are seeing on the left is a failed sleeve done by a very well known doctor, and the picture on the right is the same patient re sleeved by Dr. Aceves,. Patient complained of poor weight loss and weight regain. Original sleeve ( left) has a large pouch on the top part that  can hold large amounts of food thus giving patient poor weight loss.   Dr. “A” sleeve (right)  has a nice tube shape which is what ensures good weight loss and maintenance.  Reason why Dr. Aceves patients are having  good long term results.

Incorrectly  performed sleeves  or inefficient sleeves will give you poor results and  make you spend more money  in the long run to correct it. Not to mention the  frustration of not losing weight  and the stress and risk of undergoing  major surgery once again.  Get it done right the first time.
Dr. Aceves , HIgher Standards,  Better Results

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