From: ObesityHelp.com
on 10/28/12 5:29 pm
Ok I am home and on day 3 of my post op trying to get in as much water and protien as I can!
I just need to say a few things … For those of you who are on the fence … My experience with Dr Aceves was BEYOND words!!! He is a very kind loving and serious man!
It was as perfect as I dreamed it would be…. Better!
Please please please…. If your still looking for a surgeon do yourself a favor and check him out !!!!
You know how they say everyone has a vocation…(a calling from god) this IS his!!
All I can say is ……DR ACEVES…. YOU ROCK!!!!
Your VERY satisfied patient,
on 10/28/12 7:24 pm – Canada
We were super thrilled with our experience as well. I can’t say enough good about Dr Aceves and his team.
on 10/28/12 8:53 pm, edited 10/28/12 8:53 pm – Canada
Me too I had my VSG with Dr Aceves  (October 6th 2012), great experience.  When I woke up from surgery I could hardly believe all was finished and done LOL   I went into another world  with the pill they get me 45 minutes before surgery, that’s a wonderful idea LOL.
I suffer from back, neck and shoulders pain; when I came back I had no pain at all nowhere other than in the sternum area maybe gas or the hiatus hernia repair.
I would recommend Dr. Aceves and his team to everyone, no doubt at all.  The hospital extremely clean, unbelievable. I have never see here in Montreal to clean a room all the times they did each day.  Yolanda the hospital coordinator is so helpful and always finding the way for you to be comfortable and to have everything you need even before you ask.
Excellent !
on 10/28/12 11:59 pm – Burlington, Canada
So glad to read about your great experience, as I’m scheduled for a VSG with Dr. Aceves on November 30th.
I’ve always felt I was making the best possible decision, but it never hurts to hear reassuring stories like yours! 
on 10/29/12 12:47 pm – NV
I had surgery with him on 8/31 and I agree it was the best experience. I went alone and was treated like a VIP from pick up at the airport to drop-off. I never had any pain. There were several people there in various stages of recovery so I was never alone or lonely. The staff was super friendly and they cleaned at least twice a day. Day or night, every time I did laps I had to go around a cleaning cart. I can’t say enough good things about Dr Aceves and his staff.
on 7/5/12 6:05 pm – Canada
Hi! I went alone too. It is quite safe. It literally is a 5 min drive over the boarder. You see people walking around everywhere. You even pass their own little China town. You will only be alone at he hotel on your first night, and then in your hospital room. I asked a fellow sleever who traveled with our group to walk together across the street to the pharmacy there, to pick up or PPI’s. We never felt uncomfortable. You see people walking with their little kids down the street in front of the hospital. It was just like home, but much warmer. (I went in January)

Best way is to fly in to San Diego.  Ernesto will pick you and the other patients up at the airport and drive you all the way to the hospital for your pre-op testing. Then to the hotel for your last dinner before bed. They have a nice restaurant on site so you don’t need to wonder the streets at night. Ernesto will pick you up again at 7am and bring you to the hospital. You are only allowed to bring one guest with you, who can stay in your hotel and hospital room on the couch. They must also pay for their own food, at the hospital cafeteria. It can be really boring for the companion, so pick your best supporting person if you really need one, and have them bring some form of entertainment, since you may be sleeping a lot. Your fears will be eased once you see that it is just like any other small town. Trust me, they will take good care of you.

on 7/5/12 8:32 pm
Do not worry a second about going to see Dr A…LOVE LOVE LOVE him and all his staff is WONDERFUL.  I would most def do it all again. You will be surrounded like a cocoon. NOT a single worry in the world. You will meet others there and will be SO well taken care of. I cannot recommend him and his staff enough.  I want to go back one day to show them the progress I have made..
114 pounds G O N E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 94% of my excess weight lost..just can hardly believe it every day of my life.
I do not find anything hard about this at all. It is a welcomed way of life now…free from the chains of food…literally. Never hungry but I do know when my body needs to eat now…it is completely different for me now. I am never hungry but some people say they are on here.. more head hunger it seems. The gym and a trainer a essential to my lifestyle now…just like breathing.
DO NOT  worry about what others say…no matter who they are. They love you and just want you safe. You will have the world by the tail in the months to come. You will struggle some but let me tell you there is a new life ahead and you will not regret one second while you are out there living it up in ways that you never imagined you could…just even the simplest things will amaze you. Get on with your life and don’t look back..GET BUSY LIVING!! I wish I had this available when I was 19 but it is great it it happened now…I FEEL 19…no kidding.
on 7/5/12 9:26 pm
I went to Mexicali, Mexico by myself on March 23, 2012 and Dr, Aceves performed my sleeve!  It was a piece of cake and I would do it again! I was never scared or worried.  I felt 100 percent safe at all times!  He and his staff are amazing and the hospital is absolutely beautiful.  You really dont need anyone with you because the nurses and Dr.’s take such good care of you. You can see the fence at the border right across the street from the hospital.  I never told my parents that I was having the surgery done in Mexico for that same reason.  They would have thrown a fit and I’m 43 years old.  They thought I was having it done in San Diego.  My husband and kids knew though and when I returned my parents were floored when I told them. I plan on going back next summer when I have all my weight off for plastics! This surgery saved my life literally! I have lost 66 pounds and feel great! I eat to stay alive, and before I used to live to eat!  Food nolonger controls me, I control the food! Such an overwhelming feeling to be in control! I love it and am starting to love myself, again!!! Dr.Aceves knows his stuff and I would put him and the hospital up against any surgeon in the states and I sincerely mean that when I say that!  You’ll be fine! Have faith!!!
From: Vertical Sleeve Talk
You’ll be in great hands. I had Dr Aceves and the staff made me feel so comfortable and safe. I was so nervous but once I met them all my fears disappeared. And there was no pain at all. I went to the pharmacy across the street the day before I left to get another box on pantazol (anti-reflux). They give you one box but the grains were so much easier to take than the pills I was glad I had it. I also got an extra box of supradol (pain pill) but I never used them. They dissolve in your mouth but I really didn’t have any pain to take them for.
Posted June 1, 2009 – 10:04 PM
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I’ll start by saying that I am a registered nurse and hold a PhD in education. Given my medical and research background, you can be sure that I did a lot of searching before deciding on who I would allow to operate on me.

Because I was a self-pay for the VSG revision (banding was via insurance), I looked into Mexican surgeons. The three U.S. surgeons I explored wanted $22,000 – $26,000 and that only included the surgery and one night in the hospital.

I wanted a surgeon who was certified in bariatrics, one who had done over 250 revisions, one who operated out of a clean hospital with an intensive care unit in case I needed that level of care, and one who insisted that the people taking care of me post-op were registered nurses. I also looked into complication rates and talked with others who had used the surgeons I was considering. Finally, I wanted to be sure that when I left Mexico, I would be safe to carry on with my life in the U.S. That meant making sure complications were prevented.

Dr. Aceves met my criteria. He did 3 different leak tests to make sure all was fine and kept me in the hospital for 3 nights. I had a chest x-ray, an EKG, a urinalysis, and blood work prior to the surgery and a complete unfill of my band after a barium esophagram. I was seen by Dr. Aceves, his assistant surgeon, the anesthesiologist, and a medical MD all prior to surgery.

My experience was text book and I have no regrets. If you’re considering going to Mexico for surgery I highly recommend Dr. Aceves and his team.