Posted by Tom
Date: July 24, 2012
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Three months ago today I made the call to schedule surgery with Dr. Aceves. Based on my work and travel schedule Nina and I selected June 25th as THE date. On that day I weighed 295 pounds. I’m 5 foot 10 inches.

I decided I’d start a form of the pre-op diet right there. I was mentally prepared and I thought (a) it would be good practice, and (b) the more weight I lost pre-op the better the operation would go.

I targeted 1200 calories per day and no more than 40g carbs so I could get maximum liver shrinkage. I was pretty successful staying within these parameters for the two pre-op months, probably hitting those goals all but 3 or 4 days. I was traveling for several weeks in India where sometimes it was difficult to calculate the nutrients, or to get enough protein or avoid carbs. But in the main, I did very well because I knew help was on the way!

One month ago today I arrived in Mexicali and did my preliminary tests. My pre-op diet had caused me to lose 35 pounds, so I was at 260. All of my blood and urine tests were great. I have been on and off meds for triglycerides over the years, but without meds they were perfect now. As well as cholesterol, glucose, etc. etc.

I had surgery on 6/25. It was one of the easiest things I’ve done. I had never had surgery before, so the closest thing to compare it to would be dental work. I’d much rather have VSG WLS again than have a wisdom tooth out! I believe that my proactive pre-op diet helped me avoid a lot of the pains (mainly gas) that affect some patients. I can honestly say that in the care of Almater and Dr. Aceves and Campos I never felt a moment of discomfort.

Prior to beginning this journey I had too main health concerns. My glucose was getting toward the pre-diabetic range, and my blood pressure was getting to the point where I really needed to get on medication – soon!

As I mentioned, the pre-op diet calmed the glucose. I now take my BP daily and it’s solidly in the middle of the “normal” range.

30 days post surgery I’m down another 28 pounds (total of 63 since beginning pre-op diet), shirt size has shrunk from XXL to XL or L (depending on brand/fit), Pants from 44 to 38 or even 36 in some cases. And I have just started exercising as I’ve hit the four week mark, per the post-surgery instructions.

Needless to say, it has been a dramatic change in my appearance and my health.

I can’t say enough good things about the Aceves team, from Nina, to the support staff at the hospital, to Drs. Campos and Aceves, the surgical nurses, the internist, anesthesiologist, radiologist, and floor nurses at Almater. Every single person exuded care and professionalism at every step of the surgical journey.



Post Date: 7/19/12 9:40 pm
Posted by :  rebecky
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I originally was set up with Dr. Ortiz, impressed by the hype. But I read a couple of mediocre reports on his surgical facility, and changed my mind. Meanwhile EVERYTHING I read about Dr. Aceves was glowing. I had to sacrifice my $500 deposit. But it was all OK, because I just had my gastric sleeve surgery July 9th with Dr. Aceves, and the experience was excellent. He is an experienced, and super careful surgeon; 3 separate leak tests were done to make sure the sleeve was tight. Also, Dr. Aceves, along with his colleague Dr. Campos(who himself had the sleeve surgery!) practice in a real, fully-equipped hospital. It is a very clean, private facility, with the state of the art equipment. Also the environment was so quiet & restful, not like most noisy, stressful hospitals in the States. I was able to really recover quickly. Often thought I was in a hotel! The nursing staff was so attentive, responding to my calls very quickly. They guide you through the whole process smoothly and professionally. I say, hands down, Dr. Aceves is your man!
Post Date: 4/28/12 7:30 pm
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Posted by: sonjakp
Hi ,
I had Surgery with Dr Acceves on March 31 best decision I ever made…If you want to talk to me let me know I’ll message you my number. I’m in GA by the way lol
Post Date: 6/9/12 6:35 pm
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Posted by:  andersmama
I had surgery with Dr. Aceves in February! I love that man….he changed my life! His whole set up is a well oiled machine! No glitches or complications! Go for it!!!
Posted May 19, 2012 – 2:23 AM
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Posted by: Oregondaisy
I don’t know anything about this doctor, but there are plenty of us who have had no followup by our surgeons. Dr. Aceves and his assistant surgeon Dr. Campos come to see his patients 3 x per day for the 3 days we are hospitalized in Mexico. He goes over everything carefully before we go home. They are available by email or telephone, but it’s pretty rare for anyone to go back there for any kind of followup. Dr. Aceves’ patients have an incredible track record getting to goal too though.

The sleeve does stretch on it’s own. At 3 years post op, I can eat quite a bit more than I could at one year. I am still never hungry, so it’s easy to still eat small portions.

We all know what kinds of things make us gain weight. It’s not true that this is a lifestyle change that will last forever if you take it for granted. There are weddings, baby showers, parties, BBQs etc. it takes willpower to stay away from all the snack foods involved in social occations. We are all still living our lives in the world of temptations. I could easily eat an entire bag of chips if that is what I chose to do.

All I am saying is that if you want to keep the weight off after the losing stage, it takes dedication to coninue to follow all the rules and maintain weight loss.

Posted April 13, 2012 – 1:52 PM
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Posted by: newlife101
I so agree about Dr. Aceves and his staff. From Nina who makes the reservations, to Gabby who will answer any email or question you have about the surgery afterwards to everyone involved. My husband had the surgery the end of April last year and there was no other doctor I would trust than Dr. Aceves to do mine 3 weeks ago.

We wish the American doctors and hospitals were as nice, clean and attenative as Dr. Aceves.

Posted April 13, 2012 – 1:35 PM
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Posted by:  PonyUp
I had my sleeze surgery on the 10th and doing better than imagined. Spent three full days in the hospital Almater located in Mexacali Mexico. The hospital was cleaner and newer than several American hospitals (California) I have seen. The nurses And staff attentive and both dr.campos (which himself had the sleeve and is also a nutritionist) visited twice daily- in the morning and late afternoon. The Canadians I befriended (mom n daughter) felt exactly the same! I am sip sip sipping away. I only had some slight nausea yesterday when. first drank and i have rumbling and gurgling…but my poor tummy has been so good to me considering. !
I am now at a fancy hotel awaiting to get a ride to get my teeth cleaned, chipped tooth repaired and xrays for cavities. ..looking less forward to dental work than the sleeve! Lol!
Posted April 11, 2012 – 6:37 PM
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Posted by: Foxbins
Dr. Aceves in Mexicali, Mexico. $8750. One pre-op night in a hotel, 3 nights in a hospital. I had no nausea, no complications, and Dr. Aceves has done about 3000 sleeves. He’s the guy other surgeons refer their patients to when they have a tricky case.
Posted February 6, 2012 – 8:38 AM
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Posted by:  SpaceyCasey 
I had sugery last Monday with dr aceves in Mexicali. I feel pretty lucky this has been pretty easy for me. I stocked up in gas x and nausea medicine and one week out havnt needed any of them. Maybe all that will come later I dunno. My pain is nearly gone. I have 4 more days of clears then movin up to full liquids. I’m 5’9 and stated this journey at 298 and as of today I’ve lost 16 Pounds!!! I had to step on and off a couple time to believe that. 16 pounds in 1 week is crazy! I had not regrets or buyers remorse I’m so happy I did this.
Posted January 12, 2012 – 8:16 PM
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Posted By:  Jan12kel
I am in Mexicali with Dr. Aceves. I have felt completely at ease since arriving. Have had no complications. I thought for sure i would have felt embarassed or completely exposed but I have not felt either. I was actually shocked at how comfortable I felt. I think one of the reasons I felt so comfortable is because I spent at least an hour a day reading all the wonderful comments, what to expect advice and even the complications so I knew what they were and what signs to look for.

I was told that tomorrow I won’t feel as good but I did my breathing exercises and have walked the hallways several times to try to make it less painful. Thanks to everyone who has told their story on here. It has really helped me. Now- cant wait to start losing weight!!!