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Jan 22, 2012

Be a hero!

If you’re tired of starting over when it comes to weight loss, stop giving up on yourself.  Today is the day that you can change this.  If you have been unsuccessful at one diet after another maybe what you are trying to do is just never going to work for you. Believe me I have been there and done this for many years.  For so many of us we have an addiction to food.  Food is what comforts us in the good and bad times in our lives. Does this sound like what you have been doing for countless years?

Make today the day that you promise to change your life.  If you have had WLS and you still struggle with food choices, that is something that so many of us have to deal with on a daily basis—(remember I said food is our habit or addiction.)

When I am faced with this I ask myself do I NEED to eat or do I just CRAVE to eat or graze all day. Grazing is pretty normal for a lot of people—make the food something healthy like veggies if you are going to graze. As time goes on it becomes a little easier too.  We are making lifestyle changes; we are not on a diet.  
f you have NOT had weight loss surgery, then it is time to think about making plans to have weight loss surgery. 

Never feel that you have failed if you can’t lose weight on your own with a diet—you have an addiction.  Please do NOT feel ashamed about having weight loss surgery.  You are the hero who is going to come along and save you own life.  Care enough about YOURSELF to do just this.

If you have questions about weight loss surgery, start asking questions right now.  I had Dr. Aceves do my WLS in Mexicali, Mexico.  I just love his hospital and staff—yes the do speak exceptional English.  This is a first class complete hospital (not a clinic) that Dr. Aceves works at.  Dr. Aceves is a brilliant surgeon when it comes to weight loss surgery. When it comes to my health I wanted the very best I could find for myself and this was my choice.