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Mexicali Bariatric Center, Madero 1119-2, Colonia Nueva
Mexicali, BC 2110. Phone +52 661 850 1797 or Toll Free: 1-888-344-3916
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About Mexicali

The City that Captured the Sun

Gastric Sleeve Surgery / DS in Mexicali Mexico

A few of our patients' visit to Hospital Almater / Mexicali Bariatric Center is their first to Baja California's state capital, also known as "the city that captured the sun". The city's life boils with ongoing business and industry during daytime, but before evening time it somehow keeps the dessert's still life able to provide tranquility and -if required- enough solitude. Mexicali is the most populated city in the Imperial and Mexicali valleys, and agriculture has historically being one of the most important activities in the area. When coming to Hospital Almater for the surgical procedure, a patient's average stay is 4 days; there are enough hotels in town up to 4-star offering both affordable and upscale furnishings, all of them worthy of your stay. We proudly suggest taking time to get to know the city and some of its main attractions.

Mexicali offers plenty of activities and entertainment by hosting yearly and seasonal events. The city's also famous for its many Baja style Chinese food parlors as well as different regional cuisine's restaurants. Year-round there are plenty of industrial and agricultural specialized expos, conventions, summits, conferences. There are also art exhibits, theatre and sport events like bullfighting, pro basketball and pro baseball. There's a yearly progressive rock festival and year-round the city is visited by touring music acts from pop, rock, electronic and other genres known nationally and internationally.

Not far from Mexicali is the port of San Felipe, one of Baja's most sought-after vacation spots in the Gulf of California (also known as Sea of Cortés), San Felipe's beaches and nice, warm weather is enjoyed year-round both by Baja locals as well as by those visitors who are always running from cold weather. Fishing (both sport and commercial) is also an important activity along the municipality's coastline as well as yearly off-road motorized vehicles racing events. The sierras also offer great places for hiking, camping (like Laguna Salada, Río Hardy) and the desert is host to unique flora and fauna species.

Some facts about Mexicali you may want to know...

  • Location
  • Mexicali's location is 1,653 miles northwest of Mexico City.
  • Land Transportation
  • The city has a bus terminal servicing passenger transportation connecting with most major cities and towns in Mexico.
  • Air Transportation
  • Mexicali International Airport is point of departure and arrival for flights connecting with other major airports in Mexico, servicing major airlines such as Aeromexico and Volaris.
  • Climate
  • Weather is warm with slight wind during evenings and nights from October to May. The year-long temperature averages 72 degrees, offering sunny days the entire year.
  • Summertime is hot, please keep hydrated and make sure children and elder adults are properly hydrated too.
  • Population
  • City's population is slightly under a million inhabitants.

  • Shopping
  • Plaza Cachanilla shopping mall.
  • Plaza Nuevo Mexicali shopping mall.

  • Buildings, museums, parks
  • Cervecería Mexicali building.
  • City Zoo and Forest.
  • Civic Center.
  • Galería de la Ciudad (city gallery).
  • ICBC (Baja California Culture Institute).
  • Sol del Niño children's museum.

  • Performing Arts and other entertainment
  • Casa de la Cultura.
  • Centro Estatal de las Artes (state arts center).
  • Cinema: 7 Multiplex cinemas in different locations around town.
  • FEX event center (trade fairs and expos, live music, conventions).
  • Teatro del Estado (state theatre).

  • Sports
  • Basketball: Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional's Soles de Mexicali (home grounds: Auditorio del Estado, season runs from September to February).
  • Betting: 5 sports books in the city and others across the border into indian reservations in the United States.
  • Bol Bol bowling alley.
  • Club Deportivo Campestre de Mexicali golf course (country club).
  • Ciudad Deportiva sports grounds.
  • Baseball: Mexican Pacific League's Aguilas de Mexicali, AAA level (home games at Estadio Casas GEO, season runs from October to December, playoffs in January).
  • Plaza de Toros Calafia bullring.

  • Surrounding attractions
  • Cerro Prieto Geothermal Steam Plant.
  • Guadalupe Canyon thermal spa.
  • Hardy River and Camp Sites.
  • La Rumorosa mountains (panoramic view).
  • Laguna Salada mountains.
  • Port of San Felipe.
  • Rural Community Museum of Cucapah indians.


Useful Information

Mexicali Tourism and Convention Bureau (Comité de Turismo y Convenciones)
Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos y Calle Camelias,Mexicali, BC
Phone (686) 557-2376 / 557-2561
Fax (686) 552-5877

Mexicali Local Tourism Office (Secretaría de Turismo, Delegación Mexicali)
Blvd. Benito Juárez No. 1 y Fco. Montejano 2do Piso
Phone. (686) 566-1277 / 566-1116 / 1739 / 1705

Municipal Offices (Casa Municipal)
Calzd. Independencia No. 998Centro Cívico 2º Piso, Mexicali, BC
Phone (686) 558-1600, ext. 1602 and 1603

Foreign Affairs Office (Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores)
Calle México No. 151 DowntownT
el (686) 554-2865 / 553-4558

Public Safety (Seguridad Pública)Blvd. López Mateos y Calle SurMexicali, BC
Phone (686) 558-1200, ext 218

Traffic Department / Phone (686) 558-1791 / 558-1646
Emergencies / Phone 060

Emergencies / Phone 060

Tourist Assistance Hotline / Phone 078

General Hospital / Phone (686) 556-1123

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Madero 1119-2, Colonia Nueva
Mexicali, BC 2110
+52 661 850 1797 or Toll Free: 1-888-344-3916
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